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Namesake Christian Academy is committed to assuring the education of our students even in this time of a global pandemic. With this in mind, we have a plan to keep our students on track and actively working from home. 


We are going to be implementing a hybrid type learning experience. This means that students will still be working in their PACEs from home, but with a virtual aspect as well. This plan will require some support on the parent’s end to help get them started.


Here is our plan: 


All student’s PACEs have been placed in a box, under a file with their name on it for them to work in while they are gone. This box is placed outside of the school front doors and will stay there to supply new PACEs when needed. (Tests and Score Keys will be kept here). We will be using “Skype” for our virtual connection. Students will have a specific time, at 9:00am, each school day to video call the school on Skype to check in that they are in virtual attendance and to receive their goals for the day. Once any questions are answered, students will hang up and continue their work from home. If any questions arise that they cannot get help for, they can call the school on Skype any school day between 9:00-3:00. Once a Checkup or Self Test is reached, students will stop work and call in with Skype. We will then help them score their checkups and Self Tests before they move on any further. When it comes time to test, students will call in again and the test will be given orally to the students by the teachers. If passed, the student can then start their next PACE which will be available to be picked up.


For our 1st graders, the process will be slightly different. They will also call in each school day at 9:00am, but to a different Skype account. Instead of “Namesake Christian Academy,” they will call “Namesake Kindergarten.” They will then be on the call for maybe an hour or two while their lesson is verbally taught to them as they complete the work in their PACEs that were sent to their home as well.


The instructions for getting started with Skype will be listed below. Please let us know if your student does not have access to WIFI, laptop, mobile device, or tablet and we will assist if needed.


How do I get started with Skype?

It's easy to get started with Skype. All you need to do is:

 Download Skype to your device.

  • You can do this by either clicking on the link highlighted to download Skype onto a computer or by searching for Skype in your app store on your mobile phone or tablet.

Create a free account for Skype.

  • All you will need is either an email address or phone number to set up an account with a password.

Sign in to Skype.

  • Using the username and password of your choice, you can now sign in and begin using Skype!

  • To call the school, simply search for Namesake Christian Academy or from your Skype app and select the video call button. If we are calling you, it will notify your screen of the incoming call and you will select the green video button to answer. Or, you can visit our website at and there is a Skype button at the bottom of the page that you can click on to call us directly.


Please bear with us as we attempt to continue educating our students. We may encounter small difficulties along the way, but will work to make this as easy as possible for everyone.  We will start the first call on October 19th at 9:00am. Once you have your account set up, please let us know via text and we will add you to our contacts so we can call you first.


If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.


Thanks for your patience and endurance!

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